The house got a little too empty without the puppies, so we're now welcoming Luna to our family. 😻

Great opportunity to socialize our puppies with other animals. 😁

We also got the chance to take new pictures of Nala, and a mini family photo of mother Ninja with two puppies Nala and Balto. They had a blast meeting eachother again!

The puppies have moved to their new homes, and we wish Balto, Abbe, Nala and Bamse the best of luck!

Nala moved out on breeding terms, and we're looking forward to follow her development.

Ninja is taking a well deserved, undisturbed rest. ❤️

The puppies are 7 weeks old, and now they have really found their voices. It's only 1 week till they start moving to their new homes, so we'll enjoy the time we have left with them to the fullest. ❤️